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Ok this tutorial has no relation with wine. I am speaking about real Google talk by Google itself. Google will not roll out Gtalk for Linux because pidgin and other clients are already there and there is no need. But I personally do not like those clients because of many reasons, one amongst them is poor audio calling quality. So I decided once to run Gtalk on Linux using wine but failed, still with new versions of wine Gtalk is not completely accessible. Finally I found the best way to run “Google talk” while I was researching on Chrome Os.

So here we go:

Google alternate dir Before starting any steps do the the following:type this command in terminal this will show you a freshly installed Google chrome

google-chrome –user-data-dir=”.gtalk”

After selecting you default search engine move to next step.

Chrome Webstore Step 1: Go to Chrome Webstore using this linkhttps://chrome.google.com/webstore?hl=en-US

Step 2: Search for Google talk

or click this.

Step 3: Install this app (although it is written that this app is only for chrome book)

Once these 3 steps are completed we will move to next section.

Gtalk on linux Step 4: Now right click on “Google Talk” and click on create shortcut.Step 5: Select both Desktop and Application menu. Press Ok.

Wasn’t that easy??

Yes that is it, you have a Gtalk installation on your Linux.

Now there are few other things we have to do the first one is when you will click on Gtalk it will show you an error message but at the end it will ask you if you want to continue or not, just press continue.

Gtalk in Linux If you remember there was one flash based g-talk also available but you could not use that for video calling or audio conferencing. But with this you can call your friends, you just need this pluginhttp://www.google.com/chat/video

Moreover it will not disturb your original Google chrome settings and you can live in peace.

The only problem with this “Google talk” is when you select any one for chat the new windows pops at the bottom of the screen which sometimes makes it irritating.

Mac users can also do the same.

I hope this tutorial would be useful.

Your suggestions are always welcome, please do post in the comments if your have any query or any complaint.

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